KORNERSTONE CFA® 課程之所以如此值得推薦,Multiple Specialized Trainers 是主因之一。我們找來專長於不同金融領域的業內專家,擔任相關考試範疇的導師,此安排能確保考生從導師身上獲得的,都是最相關、最及時、最實際的知識及經驗分享,提升學員合格率的同時,也令學員更懂得將知識套用於實際環境中,這才是加速事業發展的關鍵。以下是 KORNERSTONE CFA 課程®的主要導師的履歷簡介:  
  CFA® 培訓主要導師
Mr. Jimmy Lee - CFA®, CPA (Practising), CFPcm, MBA, LLMArbDR, BSc (Hons)  
  - 15 years of professional training experience in Investment, Accounting, Financial Planning and Funds Management  
  - Currently a director a an asset management company  
  - Previous experience as a professional auditor, private banker and a senior management in various financial institutions like Deloitte, UBS and AXA  
Mr. Kevin Lee - CFA®, FRM®  
  - Master of Science in Financial Mathematics  
  - Quantitative financial analyst in investment bank  
Mr. Jack Tsang - CFA®, FRM®, CWM®, CPA  
  - Master of Laws in Corporate and Financial Law  
  - Master of Science in Finance  
  - Registered Corporate Coach (RCC)  
Dr. Francis Lau - PhD, FRM®, CFA®  
  - PhD degree specializes in quantitative trading strategies  
  - A seasoned practitioner who has over 10 years’ experiences in financial risk management, quantitative analysis and regulatory reporting for retail, wholesale and investing banking  
Mr. Daren Miller - CFA®  
  - CFA® with worldwide teaching experience  
  - Well-known for demystifying the morning “essay” session of the Level III exam  
  - Served as an investment analyst working alongside the chief investment officer for a Canadian pension plan  
  - Investment Consultant for a British actuarial partnership